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I tried to take your survey but you wanted me to enter a 12 digit number from my receipt. I would like to know just where that number is because I am sitting with my receipt in front of me and see nothing resembling a 12 digit number except the inventory number of the item purchased.

When I entered your store this past week there was a sign about a discount. When I queried about this, I was told I had to be registered. Three employees later who tried hard and myself, we gave up trying to locate me in the system. Oh, I was there and have been for years but because I did not know my password, it was curtains for me. Really?

Every store I shop in has passwords and cards to track everyone with and I have no idea how anyone can remember all of these passwords but they must be much more intelligent than I am.

So the young computer addicts can get a better price than I can. Since they sleep with their I-phones, they probably count passwords instead of sheep.

I have no cell phone or I-phone, a TV antenna on my roof (no cable), and watch old movies and READ BOOKS in my leisure time. I am writing this on an 11 year old computer windows XL now filled with many virus's and malware. In short, I am low tech!

BUT I am still alive and well and deserve a discount just like everyone else.

I accuse you of being prejudice and discriminatory to the low tech humans left on earth who are old and sick and poor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Providence, Rhode Island, United States #1270092

Dude, it's not that hard, and it's darn sure not rocket science. Pick a password you can remember, like your dogs name, or the schools name you graduated from and use it...Jeez!

Don't make things harder than they have to be. It's not the worlds fault you refuse to keep up!

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #1270073

The employees of the store must not have been very tech savvy themselves, because there is an extremely easy way to udate the password on the website so that they could have gotten you signed in.

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