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Update by user Jun 13, 2015

After waiting 2 days for a return call from a WorldMarket supervisor, I called them. I asked them if they would be willing to send me the new desk they had offered, and I would remove the good drawers and replace them with the damaged drawers and send the box back, without ever removing the desk.

They immediately said yes, I could do that.

I asked them why they had never offered this solution, and they said it is not their normal procedure.

Sounds like a lot of extra effort and expense to get 2 new drawers to their customer (me). But I'll take it!

Got an email that the order had been submitted.

It has been 2 days and so far nothing has shipped. Keeping my fingers crossed they do what they said they will do.

Original review posted by user Jun 08, 2015

I purchased 4 very nice pieces of solid wood office furniture from WorldMarket.com online, that totalled over $1,000. The main piece of furniture arrived with 2 of 3 drawers broken.

They say they do not have anymore replacement parts and cannot replace the drawers. However, if I will dismantle the desk and figure out a way to package it, they will gladly send me a completely new desk. This is a big desk! Well over 100 pounds.

I have tried reasoning with them. There is no way I can lift the heavy pieces and wrap them up and put them back in the packaging. They probably have a factory that packages this stuff. It would be completely ruined while I was trying to slide pieces around and get them back in some sort of stackable arrangement.

I asked them why, if they could send me a new desk, why they could not simply remove 2 of the drawers from the new desk and send them to me. I could fairly easily send back the damaged drawers.

They say they cannot do that. They would be willing to give me a 30% discount on the desk. But then my beautiful office furniture would have a desk with 2 ugly holes where the drawers should be.

They promised to have a supervisor call me tomorrow after I asked several times. At this time nothing looks like it will be resolved and their customer service from beginning to end appears to be more concerned with themselves, than with my problem.

Several days after I submitted their form regarding damaged furniture, they sent me an customer satisfaction survey. It seems like they may want to spend more time taking care of their customers than asking them for feedback when they have not handled the issue.

Review about: Cost Plus World Market Customer Care.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Send me 2 replacement drawers to replace the drawers that were damaged in shipment..

I didn't like: Customer service.

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Of all the reviews I have read here about World Market, yours sounds legit; you sound like a reasonable person whose tried all she can do and the issue should have been taken care of in a much more professional manner. I would contact corporate now, if you have the energy for it. Namaste.

to Anonymous #1107652

Oh look everbody, it's "Anonymous Dec 22, 2015" again, this time posing as judge and jury. Congrats on deeming this particular review to be valid of your ridiculous personal review criteria worthiness, while putting other customers with valid complaints down.

Who died and made you god of retail? Nobody, that's who.

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