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BTW..... Before I posted this here I sent this complaint to World Market at their complaint dept, via email, no response from them.

Original review posted by user May 02, 2012

My sister and I went in to your store, World Market, in Redding, CA. on an average shopping trip on the morning of April 28th 2012.

My sister had a coupon, which is attached to this email via pdf. When she tried to redeem it the cashier said it was not valid, having no date on the coupon, we questioned this statement and the cashier called a manager to ask.

My sister and I were greeted by an employee named Justin and he looked at the coupon and stated "There was a date that we cut off, on the coupon". This was not only wrong but insulting and we, my sister and I, both replied Please look at the coupon again and see that there are cut lines on the page of where to cut out the coupon and you can see that they are intact, we did not cut off any date.

The Manager was there with Justin and looked at the coupon and stated that it was from a week ago promotion. The manager allowed Justin's comment, to us about cutting off the date, to go unnoticed or uncared about. My sister and I politely said Thank You and continued our checkout. Apparently we were foolishly still waiting for an apology from Justin for his rude and incorrect, earlier, statement to us...... This never happened. We paid for our merchandise, exchanged pleasantries with the cashier and left.

This was at the very least a bad shopping experience for us at World Market. We enjoy your store and are extremely upset that we were talked to, like we were, by Justin.

I neither care about the coupon not having a date nor being honored but I do care about how we are talked to when we are spending money in your store.

Employees such as Justin are obviously bad for business, if their mistakes are not corrected or if they are not trained properly in how to speak to customers. I believe that the manager who witnessed this, dropped the ball on this one.

I would hope that you are not changing your customer service policy from..........Respect and appreciation for us, to..........Insult the customer and make them feel like a thief or counterfeiter front of other customers.

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Seems to me like you are angry because they would not allow you to use an expired coupon. Clearly you are a liar, you said it is not about the coupon being not valid, yet you could not take that for an answer and demanded to speak to a manager.


I don't know why the long conversation over this...If they scanned the coupon and it was expired, the register will tell the cashier, end of story.

Hickory, North Carolina, United States #645663

While this Justin's comment may have seemed rude, the PDF you have pictured shows the coupon printed landscape format rather than portrait or standard letter format. You did accidentally cut off the date.


Uh...OK. I see the comment but I don't understand how this is relevant to my post. All I posted is factual and accurate and IS the topic.


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