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I was in the Matthews, NC World Market store earlier today and I was intending to purchase a table and matching stools. The table was in a box (as it should be) and protected but all four stools that were in the store we very damaged. There were gouges in the seats and scratches all over the merchandise, one was even missing pieces.

Still wanting to purchase the set because it suited my needs, I asked how much of a discount they would offer as no one should pay full price for damaged merchandise. The sales associate went to check with the store manager. He came back without the manager and said the best discount they could offer would be 10%. The manager couldn't even be bothered to come over and actually inspect the merchandise. She just told the associate the lowest number possible. Naturally that discount was not enough given the condition of the items so I left the store, again without the manager ever coming over and speaking to me.

I am glad to see that World Market is doing so well in this troubled economy as to turn away sales. Clearly the manager decided that they had had enough sales for the day and didn't need to make any more.

This is all after I took time off work to drive 40 minutes out to the store (and thusly 40 minutes back to work) - for nothing.

After complaining on the web site the GM called me and only offered to find me undamaged stools, no additional insentive or compensation to atone for my time, effort and frustration (not to mention gas $). At the very end of the conversation he begrudgingly offered me 10% off undamaged stools - if I were to drive all the way out to the store again.

I thanked him for his apology and basically stated that it was too little too late and said that I would take my business elsewhere. I suggest other consumers do the same. There are plenty of other places to buy furniture that actually want to keep their customers happy.

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What a crock! You wanted to buy damaged furniture and wasnt offered the hefty discount you hoped for.

Tough luck.

Move on and stop the drama. You know i'm right.

Louisville, Ohio, United States #728492

Why didn't you call first to see if what you wanted was in the inventory and undamaged? I find it funny that after choosing to drive 40 minutes to the store of your own free will, you fully expected the store to reimburse you for gas money...people are always wanting something for free.


You did not say if the stools were on sale. If they were maybe they could not go any lower.


Sometimes stores cannot offer but so much off of a price, and 10% may be their standard "damaged item" discount. Did you ask to speak to the manager?

Did you call ahead of time to see if they had what you wanted in stock? You seem to want the entire thing presented on a golden platter...?

Complaining that they didn't offer you 50% off of a damaged item isn't much of a complaint, as I mentioned, it's probably a store policy.

Also, if the manager called you personally and apologized and offered the same discount on brand new chairs - is it still a complaint? I'm really confused.


Thanks for telling your story about World Market, I am new to the area and I will avoid this establishment like the plague.

Thanks again,

Diana Ross

to Diana #1082661

Sure, Diana. Avoid like the plague. Lmao.

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